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Enter your address and follow along as we complete each step to bring fiber to you.

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latest project updates

Friday, June 17 – Site surveys have begun in the area of 20th St. going north. Representatives from Premier Communications will be in the area for the next several weeks. If you are interested in getting fiber to your home or business, register now by calling 833-705-7115 or use the address look-up form to the left.

Construction in 2022 will be happening in the area north of 20th Street, 2023 construction is planned for the area south of 21st Street.

Learn More about Steps to Get Fiber


We work to determine the most practical physical routes for our hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable. You might see paint markings on sidewalks and streets throughout Spirit Lake or even on your grass.

Sign Up

Call 833-705-7115 or use the address look-up form above to register for fiber. If you register over the phone, you can schedule a time for a site survey during the same phone call. If you register online, a Premier Communications representative will contact you to schedule a time for a site survey.

A site survey is a 15–30-minute appointment in which a representative from Premier Communications will visit your home or business to mark the best location for the fiber optic cable and you can sign off on the fiber optic placement.

Note that there are no service commitments required. Once fiber construction is complete, you will have the option to sign up for services from Premier Communications or stay with your current provider. Of course, we hope you’ll choose us!


H&D Underground is the general contractor we will be using for the construction portion of the project. They will be utilizing the latest technology to install the fiber. Once fiber lines are in the ground, they will be “spliced” to connect the main lines along the road to those that will be feeding your home or business.


We bring fiber into your home or business. Also known as a “cutover,” this process connects your home or business to the new fiber network. We will schedule an appointment with you to have a technician come to your home or business to connect your equipment to the fiber optic network. This is also the time when you can choose which Premier services you would like: high speed Internet, Voice and/or TV service.